A selection of publications written by Rosanne van Klaveren:


Niva to Nenets: The making of a road-movie as a strategy for inclusive knowledge sharing (2019). download this paper

In: Cumulus Conference Proceedings Rovaniemi 2019, Around the Campfire – Resilience and Intelligence, 27th May – 1st June, Rovaniemi, Finland, published by University of Lapland (ISBN 978-952-337-158-3). download this publication

The CUMULUS Rovaniemi 2019 conference “Around the Campfire – Resilience and Intelligence” invited the global art, design and media community to its first ever gathering in the Arctic, to share the theme resilience and intelligence to respect the fragility and power of the North. The conference focused on the topic of resilience in everyday life, geographical extremes, and societal challenges in a new setting. 



Food Related: An artistic approach towards knowledge sharing (2015). download this paper

In: EthnoScripts, Zeitschrift für Aktuelle Ethnologische Studien, Anthropology and Art, Jahrgang 17, Heft 1, pp. 138-158, published by University Hamburg (eISSN 2199-7942). download this journal

This thematic issue on Anthropology and Art presents critical reflections on the potentials for future collaborations in a field of sensory political/ecological art-ethnography, potentials for theoretical or practical collaborations as well as productive friction that infuse both activities with new political meaning and engagement and potentials for future complex collaborations in a field of social/political action. The editors have mixed contributions by artists, curators and anthropologists who all work in some way on these various subjects and have taken care to offer them maximum liberties to voice their perspectives.



Wolf Within: Should artists conducting academic research wear sheep’ clothing? (2014). download this essay

In: RHIZOPE Art & Science – Hybrid Art and Interdisciplinary Research, published by Estonian Academy of Arts (ISBN 978-9949-467-51-8). download this book

This book is the result of a conference and exhibition that focuses on art and science collaboration. The intertwining of different fields and paradigm change that involves scientific innovation, new technologies and historical/cultural traditions are reflected in many of the works of art that expand our imagination and provoke several questions that are important today.



The Importance of Fieldwork for Border Crossing Frames of Mind: Probing for fine madness (2013). download this chapter

In: Field_Notes – From Landscape to Laboratory, edited by Laura Beloff, Erich Berger and Terike Haapoja, published by Finnish Bioart Society. download this book

This book is the result of field laboratory which took place in 2011 in Kilpisjärvi (Finland). It is a hardcover book, bilingual in Finnish and English and contains 17 articles and additional material of Finnish and international contributors on 256 pages.




De Kunst van het Wandelen (2006), Publication by CBK-Gelderland, Netherlands

In De Kunst van het Wandelen (The Art of Hiking) Van Klaveren tries to experience ‘real nature’ during a hike on the long distance track ‘Het Elfbergenpad’ in the Dutch Veluwe. Her discoveries and encounters are mapped out in a publication that also functions as a guide for this particular track, for sale at local tourist locations.