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PhD Defence

With proud, but above all with a challenging mix of relieve, excitement and upper concentration, I defended my doctoral research ‘Towards Togetherness: Probing as a decolonizing approach for artistic inquiry’. This PhD research was conducted at LUCA School of Arts, Association KU Leuven (Belgium), partly as a research fellow at the Estonian Academy of Arts within the Marie Curie ADAPTER program. As my exhibition at the Z33 art center was part of this dissertation, the public defence was held at the University of Hasselt.

I kindly thank my supervisors Prof. Patrick Devlieger (KU Leuven) and Prof. Liesbeth Huybrechts (University Hasselt) for guiding me, and the commission members Jeroen Toirkens, Cunera Buijs, Veerle Van der Sluijs and Wendy Morris for their support. And of course my friends, family and colleagues who were there to share the joy!

NIVA TO NENETS Picnic-Quiz at PDC’12

The  NIVA TO NENETS project was presented at the Participatory Design Conference in Roskilde in a paper presentation, but also during a Picnic-Quiz. In three questions I asked the motivated group of participants about their opinion and concerns related to some side-effects of bringing help to an indigenous people (specifically the Nenets, a semi-nomadic reindeer herding people in the northwest of the Russian Federation). The answers to the quiz-questions were connected to colourful picnic-blankets with matching picnic-snacks.

Workshop on Human Values at PDC’12

On Sunday 12th of August a workshop on Human Values within Participatory Design was given during PDC’12 (Participatory Design Conference, Roskilde, Denmark). For a whole day long, approx. 24 people exchanged their experiences with the topic and develloped an approach for a specific case study. Although ‘being human’ is always a main aspect of Participatory Design in general, a specific focus on Human Values leads to interesting discussions and valuable outcomes. Especially when inclusion is one of the goals…

I have presented my cultural probes (FOOD RELATED) and the picnic-quiz (NIVA TO NENETS) during this workshop day. Later this week I will present a short paper about artistic participatory practices.

NIVA TO NENETS Picnic-Quiz at Danish Art Workshops

During a working period as artist in residence at Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen, I  discussed some aspects of my interactive roadmovie NIVA TO NENETS within the format of a picnic-quiz. I asked the participating people five questions, after which they positioned themselves on the picnic-blanket that resembled the answer of their choice. While matching snacks were served, some interesting discussions on paradoxical aspects of bringing help occured. It was a joyful and inspirational afternoon. This was my second time to give such a picnic-quiz and I am very happy with how it went!

The Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples Secreatariat wrote a nice article about this event:

And so did Danish Art Workshops: (only in Danish…)

NIVA TO NENETS Picnic-Quiz at Extrapool

Vrijdag 8 Juni, Extrapool, Tweede Walstraat 5, 6511 LN Nijmegen, Nederland.

NIVA TO NENETS is een interactieve roadmovie waarvoor Rosanne van Klaveren in 2013 haar Lada Niva naar de Nenets in het noordwesten van Rusland zal rijden. Dit (semi-)nomadische rendierhoudersvolk worstelt met het voortbestaan van traditionele leefwijzen. De kunstenaar wil haar geliefde auto ter ondersteuning aan hen kado doen. Samen met haar publiek onderzoekt zij hoe paradoxaal ‘hulp brengen’ eigenlijk is en welke posities zij ten opzichte van de Nenets in kan nemen. Ieder standpunt is gekoppeld aan een bijpassend picknick-hapje en vormt een mogelijk antwoord op de quiz-vragen. De deelnemers kunnen ter plekke hun positie verdedigen in een geïmproviseerde filmstudio en zodoende een rol spelen in de NIVA TO NENETS roadmovie.

De ‘zaal’ gaat open om 20:30 uur en we starten om 21:00 uur. Extrapool vraagt 5 euro entree.

FOOD RELATED workshop in Tromsø

During a working period in Kilpisjärvi (Finland) I gave a workshop at the Small Projects gallery in Tromsø about Arctic food and the FOOD RELATED project in particular. After a short presentation and introduction to the online platform (, a mapping was made with the MAP-it toolkit developed by my colleagues of the Social Spaces research group. Then the cultural probes that I developed for the FOOD RELATED platform were used for the first time!

Exhibition and conference at DeFKA

I have exhibited my work in progress for FOOD RELATED and NIVA TO NENETS at DeFKa during ‘INVESTIGATIONS on artistic research‘ from 26 May till 18 June 2011. This exhibition opened with a conference day. I made an igloo shaped cake that was consumed by the participants from hand painted plates with hand written napkins before their debate about the practice of artistic research started. The cake functioned as an icebreaker, while the plates and napkins nourished conversations about my projects.

After the conference reindeer soup was served from a Lada pot to all who wanted to try the daily food of the Nenets; a nomadic reindeer herding people in the North of the Russian Federation. In the meantime I explained my wish to drive my Lada Niva to this people as a gift.

Visit the website of DeFKa /SMAHK: