Rozan van Klaveren (NL/BE, 1973) is a media artist, researcher and teacher working on participatory practices and storytelling since 1999. For example her BRAINTEC project, an interactive science fiction story, won the ISOC-Award for Internet and the Arts in 2001 and was nominated for the International Media Art Price in 2002. Her work has been shown on many occasions and locations, including the Netherlands Film Festival (Utrecht Netherlands), Z33 (Hasselt, Belgium) and ISEA (Baltic Sea). Rosanne currently teaches about interactive storytelling, participatory practices, 360° VR, and research practices at LUCA School of Arts (Genk, Belgium), and before at Willem De Kooning Academy (Rotterdam, Netherlands) and the Estonian Art Academy (Tallinn, Estonia). She is a member of the Social Spaces research group (LUCA School of Arts, Belgium) and the independent regional Research Group on Circumpolar Cultures (RGCC, Netherlands).

Rozan studied Autonomous Art at the HKA (Arnhem, Netherlands) and Photography at Post-St.Joost (Breda, Netherlands), through which she became a Master in Fine Arts in 2001. She also has a Master in Cultural Studies from KU Leuven (Belgium), for which she graduated magna cum laude in 2009. She defended her PhD in the Arts in 2018 at LUCA School of Arts (KU Leuven, Belgium), for which she was a fellow at the Estonian Art Academy in the ADAPT-r program (Marie Curie). To profound her knowledge of the Arctic, she currently continues a BA in Circumpolar Studies at the University of the Arctic (Bodø, Norway), which she combines with Russian and Finnish language courses.