PhD Defence

With proud, but above all with a challenging mix of relieve, excitement and upper concentration, I defended my doctoral research ‘Towards Togetherness: Probing as a decolonizing approach for artistic inquiry’. This PhD research was conducted at LUCA School of Arts, Association KU Leuven (Belgium), partly as a research fellow at the Estonian Academy of Arts within the Marie Curie ADAPTER program. As my exhibition at the Z33 art center was part of this dissertation, the public defence was held at the University of Hasselt.

I kindly thank my supervisors Prof. Patrick Devlieger (KU Leuven) and Prof. Liesbeth Huybrechts (University Hasselt) for guiding me, and the commission members Jeroen Toirkens, Cunera Buijs, Veerle Van der Sluijs and Wendy Morris for their support. And of course my friends, family and colleagues who were there to share the joy!