Making stamps…

In a good Russian tradition, I made ‘official’ stamps for the NIVA TO NENETS project. More experimentation is needed to make better inkpads, but the stamps themselves seem to be perfect!

These are stamps made with the laser-cutter in FabLab Genk. The stamps are cut in grey linoleum and glued on a cutout of its outline in MDF to give it more stability. In a second hand shop I bought a round wooden doorknob for the small stamp. I am still searching for a second handle or knob for the big one. The first inkpad I tried to make was an experiment with tissue paper on a plastic bag and normal ink cartridges that I cut open. It didn’t work out perfectly, but using the small stamp it sometimes came close. For the bigger stamp, the pattern on the tissue paper was too visible. Another problem is that this kind of ink dries so quickly that you can’t keep the inkpad for later use. Again in a second hand shop I found a square tin that fits the big stamp: excellent for a more sustainable inkpad. I used textile paint (this dries much slower) and a piece of felt for this inkpad. I want to make more experiments, for example with specific inkpad-ink and with different kinds of paint, but with these first results I am already happy!