View modes for FOOD RELATED

The first prototype of the FOOD RELATED platform will have three mappings: a Geographic View shows the entries in relation to their geographic location, a Foodgroup View shows the entries in relation to their ingredients or food items, and a Historic View shows all entries in order of publication. Future versions will include more mappings and forum options. People will be able to comment on each other’s entries and to start discussions.

Geographic View, FOOD RELATED 2011

In the Geographic View, an image of the area within the Arctic Circle zooms in when an encircled area is clicked. Within this selected area, colored dots function as buttons to open related entries. For artistic reasons the 66° latitude was chosen as the outline, unintentionally excluding certain areas from this mapping. People from more southern areas are nonetheless still able to contribute to the platform in other mappings. The Foodgroup View, for example, will map the entries by their ingredient. Entries are mapped under sea mammals, birds and eggs, land mammals, fishes and other sea products, hoofed animals, bread and pastry, fruits and vegetables, drinks, or snacks. Just like the Geographic View, the selected part of this mapping enlarges when clicked. Thus the entries are visualized and can easily be viewed.  The Historic View maps and shows all entries in order of creation, to easily retrieve a particular entry and to find recently added entries.

Foodgroup View and Historic View, FOOD RELATED 2011