Storytelling and participatory practices to inquire, artistically.

Hello, my name is Rozan van Klaveren. On this website, I introduce projects and share findings from my artistic research. As an artist, I experimented with possibilities for bringing people together through storytelling and new media for many years. As a researcher, I discovered how my approach can be inclusive towards other ways of knowing. From a profound interest in the Arctic cultures, I hope my work can contribute to the necessary processes of decolonization.

One can say that I am a probing artist, as I probe people for their experiences, opinions and guiding in all of my work. For example, in the Food Related project, I built a prototype of an online platform for sharing knowledge on Arctic food. In the Niva to Nenets road-movie, I recorded people’s responses to my intention to give a Lada Niva to the Nenets, a reindeer herding people in Arctic Russia, and inquired about us-and-them dichotomies from participating co-drivers. Creative questionnaires, sets of cultural probes, probing props, and a format for probing events supported my inquiries during these two projects.

Food Related, Niva to Nenets, and an in-depth exploration of probing were the main topics of my art-based PhD research Towards Togetherness: Probing as a Decolonizing Approach for Artistic Inquiry, which I defended in 2018 at LUCA Faculty of the Arts, Association KU Leuven (Belgium).